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I asked Vanessa Beckett to cater a luncheon for approximately 55 people following a memorial service. She did an outstanding job, and I would highly recommend her.

I have a background in event planning and waiting on tables in fine restaurants, and Vanessa arranged everything to perfection. The food was fresh, and the quality was excellent – definitely above the norm. Vanessa did everything exactly as she described, and handled every aspect of the preparation, set-up, meal service and clean-up without needing any guidance.

Vanessa is very easy to work with, and it was a breeze to arrange the luncheon with her. After planning and managing three memorial services in three months, I can’t express how wonderful it was to realize, when the luncheon was all over, that Vanessa had taken care of every detail without needing any additional guidance during the event.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Vincent St. Clair, Minneapolis, MN – 2013


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For more information or any questions please reach me at 612-702-5795 or Looking forward to working with you!


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