Meal Plan/Swap Services


No longer struggle with What’s for Dinner?! Every Monday enjoy 5 weekly simple easy to follow make ahead healthy meal recipes that serve 6. The recipes can be prepped in one hour. The healthy recipes can be refrigerated till ready to eat. One or more recipes can be frozen if you want. Your meal plans will include a equipment list, shopping list, and five recipes. Dinners will be ready in 45 minutes or less.

Sample Menu

If you are interested in receiving a weekly meal plan contact me via email (link on bottom of page).

Will be taking payment to through PayPal. Which is safe and secure for all. Cost will be $15.00 every three months.

Looking forward to contributing to your meal time!


If you would like to host a meal swap but do not want to do most of the work then I’m here for you personally.


What comes with your subscription fee?

*Personal communications

*Help with implementing your group by giving you advice on how to start the group.

*Information on how to freezer cook for with your meal swap.

*I will provide you a place on my blog for your meal swap menu and recipes. And voting polls if needed.

*Keep track of your menu rotations and food assignments if needed.

*I will contact your members about deadlines for recipes and reminders for your swap.

What does not come with your subscription fee?

*Recruitment of members of your swap. Invite your friends, family, faith or school community, workplace, clubs or groups you belong to, etc… .

*Arranging a place to hold the swap.


$5.00 for a Start Your Own Freezer Meal Swap Manuel (will be sent by email as a PDF file)

$15.00 for 1 month of service

$120 for 12 months of service

Will be taking payment to through PayPal. Which is safe and secure for all.

Contact me via email for setting up your meal swap.

For more information or any questions please reach me at 612-702-5795 or Looking forward to working with you!


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