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Product Review: Disposable Freezer Pans

Glad OvenWare


Pros: Glad OvenWare is a busy person’s one stop cooking companion. And it’s so affordable that you don’t need to worry about leaving it behind at potluck dinners, family get togethers, dinner parties or office parties. This all in one pan can be used in all stages of baking. It features a heat resistant durable pan that’s oven safe and freezer ready, and microwavable lid that snaps on for easy storage. Prepare, bake, store and reheat your favorite entrees in Glad OvenWare and then reuse after cleaning. You can buy at all grocery retailers. Capacity: 7 CUPS / 56 OZ. and 12 CUPS / 96 OZ.

Approximate Cost $5.99 for 8×8 (3 ct.)
Approximate Cost $6.39 for 9×13 (2 ct.)

Cons: Comes only in 2 sizes and a few in a package, so you don’t get much for your money.

Where to Buy: All major grocery retailers

Disposable Foil Pans


Pros: Don’t lose your casserole dishes, cake pans and pie plates to the freezer. Use these wonderful convenient foil pans that come in 9 different sizes and capacities for your freezer meals. Inexpensive food storage containers that can be used again or tossed for super easy clean up. Plus they are oven safe, microwaveable, reusable, and recyclable containers. They make family dinner time possible no matter how busy your day has been. Just choose one from the freezer put in oven or microwave and enjoy! Once a month cooking is truly a beautiful thing.

Cost $5.00 (3 – 8 ct.)

Cons: Cannot buy at major grocery retailers. Never pay more than $7.95 for shipping, no matter what or how many you order. So not much of a con. But you do have to allow 10 days for delivery.

Where to Buy: