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Budget Friendly Bits: Breakfast for Dinner – Waffles

Under $5: Breakfast for Dinner – Waffles


I used Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Pancake and Baking Mix to make these. I think it’s one of the better mixes out there. I have made waffles from scratch before, and they were good. And maybe they even cost less than the $2 that it cost me to make 8 large waffles from the mix. And, I’m sure I’ll make them from scratch again soon. But, sometimes the mix in my cupboard is more convenient.

To freeze your own waffles: Make waffles using a mix or your favorite recipe.
Cool waffles completely on a cooling rack. Place waffles first between sheets of wax paper and then into a freezer bag. Place waffles in your freezer.

To eat homemade frozen waffles: Take waffles out of freezer. Microwave waffles for about 20 seconds/waffle. I find that this speeds up the toasting process so the waffles don’t get too crispy before they get warm enough in the toaster oven. If you like your waffles really crispy, you could skip the microwave. Place waffles in toaster oven for about a two minutes depending on thickness of your waffle – thicker waffles will need a bit longer to warm up. Top waffles with fruit, butter, syrup, chocolate, ice cream… Enjoy!

My Budget Breakdown: $1.61 for 8 large waffles

Waffle mix (3.5 cups of 32 oz box @ $1.99/box) – $0.87
2 eggs (2 of dozen @ $1.71/dozen) – $0.29
Canola oil (1/2 cup of 1 liter bottle @ $3.79/bottle) – $0.45

That works out to $0.21 per waffle! The box says that this recipe makes 12 – 4 inch waffles, but mine are larger than that. This is definitely more budget friendly than boughten frozen waffles. I recently saw Eggos on sale for $2/box. I think you get 10 – 12 smaller waffles in there. It’s always good to have frozen waffles in your freezer for those days that you are in a big hurry.