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Tips and Tricks Tuesdays: Freezing Cakes

The Do’s and Don’ts for Freezing Cakes

Freezing cakes can become your best friend!



*DO consider before baking and freezing your cake, take a look inside your freezer. Is there enough room for your cake to sit level on the freezer shelf without anything being piled on top or touching the sides? If not, you need to clean out the freezer and remove anything that could damage your cake.

*DO wrap with plastic first is that the plastic keeps the cake fresh and dry. Two layers of plastic wrap. And then the aluminum foil to protect cake from freezer moisture. The reason I wrap with plastic first is that the plastic keeps the cake fresh and dry. The aluminum foil protects the cake from freezer moisture.

*DO cover cardboard cake boards with food safe foil or plastic wrap so that the cake does not absorb a cardboard flavor.

*DO use non crusting icing if you plan to ice your cake before freezing. Cakes shrink when frozen and expand when thawed, so if you use an icing that crusts it will crack.

*DO know that you can freeze a fondant covered, piping gel covered, or a cream cheese filled cake.

*DO thaw your cake within one to two weeks to ensure a quality taste and texture after freezing.

*DO remove from the freezer 1 day before you plan to ice and decorate, do not unwrap the plastic.



*DON’T place cakes into the freezer until it has cooled because cakes will sweat and the moisture will freeze as ice particles on the cake.

*DON’T take off the plastic wrapping of your cake when thawing. Allow the condensation to stay on top of the plastic wrapping and off your cake.

*DON’T ice the cake ahead of time. Frosting does not freeze well most of the time. It can crack easily and will ruin any time savings you had hoped to gain by icing ahead of time. Plus, the tint in your color may run when the cake defrosts.

*DON’T cover your frozen cake with fondant. The condensation will ruin your fondant.

*DON’T keep your cake frozen for over a month.

Happy Cake Decorating and Good Luck!