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Money Saving Mondays: Honey Sesame Chicken

Honey Sesame Chicken


Serves 4

4 Chicken breasts, boneless, skinless – $7.79
Salt & pepper – $.01
1 cup Honey – $2.26
1/2 cup Soy sauce – $.74
1/2 cup Onion, diced – $.45
1/4 cup Ketchup – $.03
2 tablespoons Veg oil – $.08
2 Garlic cloves, minced – $.08
4 teaspoons Cornstarch – $.11
6 tablespoons Water

Total Cost: $11.47
Cost Per Serving: $2.87

Prep Day : Season chicken with salt and pepper and put into a gallon-sized bag.

Combine honey, soy, onion, ketchup, oil, garlic and pour over chicken in bag.

Put in freezer.

Serve Day: Pull out and allow to thaw overnight.

Cook on low for 3 – 4 hours or on high for 1.5 – 2 hours or until chicken is cooked through.

Remove chicken from crock pot, leave sauce – dissolve 4 teaspoons of cornstarch in 6 tablespoons of water and pour into crock pot – stir to combine with sauce – replace lid and cook sauce on high for 10 more minutes or until thickened.

Cut chicken into bite-size pieces, then return to pot and toss with sauce before serving – serve over rice or noodles.

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