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Tips and Tricks Tuesdays: Saving Your Dollars – Extra Peppers

Freeze Extra Peppers


Using your freezer to its best advantage sometimes means prepping ingredients and storing them for later use. Got a glut of a vegetable, like bell peppers? Chop and freeze to use later.

A few weekends ago my parents came down for a visit. My dad raided his garden before he left, bringing with him a huge box full of bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. I had also received several peppers in my produce box. I was rich in peppers!

So, I did what all good freezer cooks do, I chopped and sliced them all up and quick-froze them on cookie sheets until they were hard…

How to Flash Freeze Food Items

Prepare your item: rinse the berries, form the hamburger patties, prepare the rolls or whatever you want to freeze. Lay them out on parchment lined or greased cookie sheets. Place in the freezer, making sure the tray sits level. After 20-30 minutes or until surface is hard, pull from freezer and quickly package in freezer bags. Store bags in freezer until ready to use. Use only as many of the item as you need at a given time.

Then I repackaged them in quart-sized freezer bags. Now, whenever I need chopped peppers for a sauce or sliced peppers for a stir-fry, I can just grab as many as I want from the bag. Easy peasy.

Italian Beef Sammies


Servings: 6

32 ounces Pepperoncini or banana peppers with juice
3 pounds Beef rump roast
1 cup Onion, sliced
1 cup Bell Peppers, green sliced
1/2 cup Water
6 ounces Provolone cheese
6 Kaiser buns

Prep Day: Combine all ingredients into a gallon freezer bag and freeze until ready to serve. Place buns and cheese into separate bag and store with beef.

Serve Day: Place into crockpot and cook on low for 8-10 hours until meat is tender. Serve on buns with provolone cheese.