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Sunday Brunch: Make Your Own Pre-Cooked Bacon

Make Your Own Pre-Cooked Bacon


I love bacon as much as the next person, but cooking bacon is not always simple as it requires careful attention while cooking and can make a mess in the process.

When I want to turn out a really efficient and easy hot breakfast, I will cook my bacon in advance and freeze it.

Prep Day: Line two large, rimmed baking sheets with foil. Make sure the rims are deep enough to prevent bacon fat dripping. Lay the strips of bacon on the foil in a single layer. Put on racks in the middle of a cold oven and turn the oven on to 400F. Bake for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn the sheets around and switch shelves to encourage even cooking. Bake a second 10 minutes, checking occasionally to make sure you are not overcooking the bacon.Remove the bacon to plates or baking sheets lined with paper towels to drain. When sufficiently cooled, layer with freezer paper, parchment, or waxed paper in between and freeze.

Note: When I’m feeling really celebratory, I’ll glaze the bacon with pure maple syrup during the last few minutes of baking. Oh boy!


Serve Day: To serve, briefly microwave between layers of paper towels or pan fry. Or Use as-is for dishes that will be further cooked such as chowders and casseroles.