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Taste Taste: Mustard

I have boughten and tested a wide selection of mustards through the years. I finally have picked my three favorites and we have become very loyal to them. Over the years I’m sure I’ve tested over 35 brands.


I found mustards to fit into the following categories:

– Yellow
– Dijon
– Deli Style and Spicy Brown
– Honey
– Full of Seeds
– Just Plain Gross!


#1 Yellow ChoicePlochman’s comes in a easy to squeeze container (with “25% MORE FREE!*”). It’s not offensively vinegary, it offers that sturdy traditional yellow mustard flavor that you want on hot dogs and burgers. I think it’s the best mustard for BBQ’s and picnic.

#1 Dijon ChoiceGrey Poupon, still has it. It’s what I want to pull out of my glove box when a polished dude in a Rolls Royce happens to cruise by. Remember those great commercials?! It’s spicier and has more complex taste than most other mustards and it’s still available at non-hoity toity stores like Target.

#1 Spicy BrownFrench’s Spicy Brown Mustard has a nice balance of hot, sour, and sweet. It has the perfect blend of flavors and smooth texture.


Mustard is just the little something that sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, salad dressings, and pretzels need. My family sure has dolloped, squeezed, scooped, and dunked into our fair share of mustard jars this summer. Sad to see the picnic and BBQ’n’ season come to an end.