Wellness Wednesday: Vegan Soup Stock

Vegan Soup Stock


2-3 of each Veggies (Potatoes, several carrots, celery stalks, onions and whatever other veggies are ready to use that you love. Chop them big.)

Prep Day: Place veggies in the slow cooker and cover well with water. You can add whatever herbs you normally use but save the bulk of it until you decide to make a soup. Strain, divide and freeze.

Serve Day: When you are ready to make a soup thaw, add your favorite soup ingredients…meats, spices, Lentils, pastas, legumes, wine, etc., and heat.

It’s great base for all kinds of chilies too. Just add your favorite tomato base and hot sauce for the reds. Works very well for Thai and other ethnic soups, which is why you saved most of the herbs and spices for the final cook.