March 2009 Menu & Recipes

March 2009 Menu & Recipes (Viewable Recipes)

If you would like comment on your family’s opinion on each recipe please do it below. You are also welcome to comment on any changes, corrections, or additions to the recipes. The feedback will be greatly helpful and appreciated.

5 thoughts on “March 2009 Menu & Recipes

  1. 3/13/09 -Deanna your the bomb! The MexiCorn pork chops were FANATASTIC!!!! I also didn’t pay attention to the directions so I thawed them. I only had to brown them in a pan with some olive oil for about 10 to 15 minutes aside depending thickness. I browned them till the inside was no longer pink.

    3/16/09 – Ann good flavor and family liked the BBQ chicken, but thought you should have been shredded the chicken instead of chopping it in cubes thought it gave it a strange texture.

    3/17 – Sara the family liked the Rav’n Tortellini good family friendly recipe, but maybe a little less green peppern next time it gave me heartburn.

    4/09 – Baked Potatoe Soup was good. Just how I remebered it.

    4/28/09 -Greek Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta another great dish.

    5/1/09 – Chicken Tamale Pie and the Maui Black Bean Soup are going to the Marden family. They are a new family of 4.

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