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Tips and Tricks Tuesdays: Make Your Own Sweet Iced Tea Concentrate



3/4 gallon of water
5 one gallon tea bags or 24 family size tea bags
5 to 8 cups sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Boil the water. Remove from heat and add tea bags. Cover for 30 minutes. Remove tea bags and stir in 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. (This helps preserve the tea, and does not affect the taste). Add sugar while still warm and stir until it dissolves. Pour in enough additional water to make 1 gallon of tea concentrate.

This concentrate keeps 4 weeks in the refrigerator and freezes very well. I store it in clean, washed milk jugs. It is really so handy to have and lasts a long time.

Note: **If you don’t like your tea sweet, you can leave out the sugar entirely. We like it slightly sweet and use 1.5 cups sugar.


For 1 gallon of tea: Measure 3 cups of iced tea concentrate into a pitcher. Add enough additional water to make 1 gallon of tea and stir.
For 2 quarts of tea: Measure 1 and 1/2 cups iced tea concentrate into a pitcher. Add additional water to make 2 quarts of tea and stir.
For a 16 ounce glass of tea: Put 2-3 tablespoons concentrate into a 16 ounce glass. Fill the glass with water and ice; stir.

Keep unused portions of tea refrigerated. If the tea is too weak or too strong for you add more or less iced tea concentrate to the water.



I’m a married mother of 3. Who loves living in Minnesota, prep ahead cooking, and couldn’t live without them now. No more worries about the age old question “What’s for Dinner?”. I am also transitioning my family into the slow food and clean eating movement. I believe it’s best if we can eat food in it’s most natural state. I love to share the information I have been gaining through this whole experience. I’m also a trained personal chef. Cooking is a passion and hobby of mine. Hope your are enjoying the content of my blog.

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