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Tips and Tricks Tuesdays: Did You Know?

Fresh vs. Frozen


Most fish are cleaned and frozen aboard the boat, what you are looking at in the fish section or in the case beautifully arranged on ice has often been frozen then thawed.

Frozen fruits and veggies are grown in season and likewise frozen when they are at their best.

My big tip to you is buy the bags of frozen fillets if tilapia, salmon, or flounder in the frozen food aisle and thaw yourself. It costs about 40% less and it’s only frozen once, so you get better quality.

If produce is out of season, frozen tends to cheaper than imported.



I’m a married mother of 3. Who loves living in Minnesota, prep ahead cooking, and couldn’t live without them now. No more worries about the age old question “What’s for Dinner?”. I am also transitioning my family into the slow food and clean eating movement. I believe it’s best if we can eat food in it’s most natural state. I love to share the information I have been gaining through this whole experience. I’m also a trained personal chef. Cooking is a passion and hobby of mine. Hope your are enjoying the content of my blog.

4 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks Tuesdays: Did You Know?

  1. That’s a great tip! I’m not big on eating fish, but my husband likes it – if frozen is okay, I’ll be more inclined to experiment because it’s not so expensive!

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